Strange thoughts

It seems like I’ve been typing Chinese blog since F.4 so as to improve my Chinese and indeed that helped me scored 5* (which is the top grade in HKCEE Chinese and English) in all papers in my HKCEE Chinese exam (but weirdly I got F in Chinese listening when it came to HKALE….). I’ve never been seriously typing anything in English about my life nor anything special except those little statuses in Facebook or some FB notes.

But since secondary school, I have treated English as my “second-first” language.  I am indeed an ESL speaker, but I think in English more naturally than in Chinese, and I’ve got some minor problems in expressing myself in my mother tongue, I mean Cantonese. Not to mention official Chinese. It’s like, I almost always scored high in any English writings, but my score can fluctuate between 30 something and even 68 in Chinese (in HK it is considered to be exceptional to have compositions scored higher than 65 in Chinese lessons, as teachers have a well-known standard of giving 80% as the full mark, since no writing is perfect).

And another reason that I love writing in English more is because less “embellishments” are found in English passages, which are very deterministic in Chinese writings. My Chinese language skills are so poor that I never know how to use those techniques. I once thought about studying Chinese literature when I have to choose my senior sec. classes, I was interested in it, but I knew my fate in the public exam would be terrible, maybe I couldn’t even get into university then. That’s why I’m studying science stream, and grew my interested in Physics and eventually became an Electronics nerd.  

I just wondered, when I’ve got so many beautiful and unforgettable experiences in Guizhou and it seems to me there will be so many interesting things that is gonna happen in my life that I would like to share with many people especially friends overseas whom I met in Sweden, a little postcard or things like that won’t be able to express myself clearly enough. Why don’t I type a blog in English then?

That’s a way for me to promote Chinese culture maybe? And at the same time maybe I’m over imagining my influence on the internet?! XP

Maybe I shall start by twitter, and I’ll gradually translate some of the blogs into English…one day.

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