Senior Composition Recital


It happened. My senior composition recital was held on April 6, 2016.

Starting composing 3 years ago, and I barely wrote anything last school year, I actually made it to the end with a recital than ran badly overtime. It was definitely a miracle. I am also very grateful for all these people, who gave me a lot of encouragement and support. Without them my music wouldn’t be heard.

I still barely felt the existence of the recital, I am still very confused that it actually was over. (or, I barely realized that it was coming also) All I know is that it is just the very beginning of more compositions to come, and more people will know that there will be some weird music coming up.

One of my colleagues gave me his organ piece the day after the recital, that made me think what I could still do for the organ world. I hate how the organ society works, I am not happy that I’m stuck with those standard repertoire by the masters’ (in Schenker’s style of speech), I want to do something different, maybe I could specialize in “ultra-new” works by composers that are not organists. And I could perform pieces by great contemporary composers which organists do not care about.

More to be discovered in my musical life.

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