Hon Ki is deeply influenced by the lyricism in Cantonese popular music, as well as the pentatonic sound in 20th century Chinese instrumental music. Yet, her curiosity also brings her to explore post-tonal music with great enthusiasm.

Organ is an instrument that she has played for a very short period of time, yet her natural ability to ‘sing’ on the organ has been discovered at the very early stage of her study. For some unknown reason that is yet to be discovered, her practice video on the first set from J.S. Bach’s (or Kreb’s) 8 Little Preludes and Fugues has reached 10,000 views. The video was intended to be shared with Hon Ki’s friends at home while she was in Sweden. However, most of the viewers (from the first day of uploading) are from Germany and many other countries but Hong Kong.

Hon Ki has been composing since 2013. She has developed a lyrical voice in her acoustic works, while she is discovering ways to create angularity and surprises.